Connect & Empower

Empowering science educators through collaboration 💪🏽

Cuvette Empowered is a nonprofit science teaching cooperative.

Our mission is to transform science education by empowering educators through resource sharing, collaborative curriculum development, and supporting each other's professional growth.

What is a teaching cooperative? 

A teaching cooperative is similar to a Professional Learning Network. However, instead of learning, we’re actively collaborating together to:

  1. Build community through collaborative lesson design and resource sharing
  2.  Reduce our workload by minimizing redundant efforts in curriculum design
  3. Support one another in getting our work published and recognized

How We Work:

  • We reduce redundant efforts by collaboratively designing lessons, assessments, and other teaching materials. Then, we share these resources openly with the cooperative.
  • We support each other in getting published and recognized by reviewing drafts, celebrating successes, and collectively challenging exclusionary academic practices.
  • We operate as a nonprofit, funded by donations and grants. Members guide decisions through quarterly town halls and electing a Board of Directors.

Getting Started

Click "Request to Join" (joining is free) to get started.

You'll be asked to create an account and answer four questions about your role in science education. We look forward to collaborating with you!

For more information, see the Cuvette Collective website:

Feel free to contact the leadership team with any questions at [email protected].